I will use the ‘real’ coin system and a modified price list from Harnmaster, instead for the ridiculously one from D&D. The system will not be really real, but a bit more immersive than crossing of gp on a scrap of paper. In order to get more coins in circulation at the table I shift the harnic 1 silver penny base be equvalent of one bronze farthing in my game.

Also, the very exact numerical value of the Harnmaster price list is made much more floating and variable.

And I use metal coins at the table, I have noted that it intesify the relations at the table …

1 pound (large gold coin) = 20 Shillings (large silver coin)
1 Shilling = 12 pennies (small silver coin)
1 pence = 4 farthings (small bronze coin)
1 farthing = 6 mites (tiny copper coin)

Also see The Shilling Game


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