Character Class

I have decided on removing, restricting and tweaking the standard character classes in 5e to fit with the lower magic level of Dark Albion.
For starters the ‘Full Casters’ are removed (or nearly all, the is one ssseecret one left) and Monk (as I see that class at the worst as hollywoodiand racist, or at the best as a tired trope).
As compensation I have produced two Character classess to cover any wishes to play Clerics and Wizards trope.

Note: I do allow some switching of archetypes between classes, that is; if you have a good backstory, instead of choosing (as an example) a Rogue Archetype at level 3, you can take a Sorcerer Archetype instead (if you find one that don’t just tweak magic).

Also I handle multiclassing a bit different as I will not use XP for levelling characters.

Open to all


  • Paladin (to Anglishmen of Normandic heritage)
  • Ranger (to those of Cymric heritage)
  • Bard (to those of Cymric heritage, magic nerfed)
  • Barbarian ( Scottish clansmen)
  • Changeling (Eirishmen)


  • Monk
  • Wizard
  • Sorcerer (the archetypes will probably return in one way or another)
  • Cleric
  • Druid (this will probably return in a nerfed version, perhaps as a Warlock archetype)

Character Class

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