This will probalby bleed over into Equipment and is of course connected to Currency.

The first thing I want you to realise than prices at this time is something imiaginary, the value of a thing sold is one step removed from what we call supply&demand and really none of the economic thelogy we have today is in force. The price payed depends as much on the mood of the buyer and seller as the cost to produce a “thing”. So any price given below and elsewhere could vary at least 50% and as much as many hundred percents based on basically random factors. (This will change slowly the upcoming two hundred years).

A thing to relate to is the value of one day of menial labour, and the pay of this is 2 – 4 farthings. This assumes no food included. A penny-job is something that actually is a bit more than simple work, but not advanced enough to be guilded.

A common soldiers pay is 2 farthings a day, six days a week (the seventh day us assumed to be dedicated to church matter). Included is food (which actually in the end is worth more) and 2/3 rd of plunder (which is the real source of income, the last third goes up in the chain of command).

  • A simple meal at a tavern, cabbage or pea soup – 3 mites (half farthing).
  • A bowl of mutton stew, one farthing.
  • A luxurious Swan with berry sauce, one Shilling
  • A pint of Ale – 2-3 mites
  • Simplest sleeping accommodation at Inn – 1f
  • A room – 3 pennies (sleep as many as you fit in there).
Weapon and Armour
  • An Arminger sword of good quality – 6 Shilling
  • An Hunting sword of cheap quality – about one Shilling
  • Breastplate, new of average quality – 12 Shilling
  • Hacketon, 3 Shilling


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