Damage Types

And now we get into details

This may be a tweak that is too wide and deep, but I think it is necessary. The factor two is perhaps to large, but using any other number I feel is way to headache inducing.


The base weapon damage. Weapons using this gets their damage halved after Damage Reduction is subtracted and compared to Trauma Threshold . This means statistically fewer Critical Wounds making it a non-lethal choice. As blunt weapon tends to have a larger damage die they still are good for witteling down heavy armour equipped enemies.


This is the campaign standard damage. No modifiers applied on damage.


To emphasise the severity of the deep wounds Puncture damage is doubled after Damage Reduction is subtracted and compared to Trauma Threshold. This makes the risk of Critical Wounds possible even from tiny knifes and arrows, at least with some luck.
As the die usually are reduced for stabbing weapons and puncture in general (Warhammer a noticeable exception) Armour is generally a good counter. However; Armour Piercing is also a possibility for Puncture Weapons, halving Damage Reduction.


The D&D damage types Thunder, Fire, Acid etc makes little sense for the severity of the damage, it is more about special effects that doesn come into effect that often. So for damage purposes it is called Energy and is treated as Edged unless otherwise noted. (se what I did there with the two E …).

Notes on the “lost” Damage Types

This type of attack do not cause damage any longer, instead the rolled hitpoint is the DC of a Constitution Save to avoid a Stunned condition for one round + one round per fifth point the Save was failed by.. In addition you are Deafened until you take a Short or Long Rest.


Acid damage is delivered one die at a time until Armour is breached. The. First round Damage Resistance is subtracted as normal, if DR is higher no damage is caused (acid never cause Fatigue i.e. blue wounds) . Next round add a die and roll for damage, continue this way until either Armour DR is lower than damage rolled or you run out of acid dice.
When damage is breached, next round and each round thereafter apply rolled damage without subtracting Damage Resistance. Increasing the damage pool one die at a time until out of acid dice.


The only additon to “normal” energy damage is the risk for taking fire and the basic instict of “fear of fire”. Check a Intelligence Save vs. DC 10+ fire damage or be frightened next round.


This damage type bypas Damage Resistance but do only cause blue damage, criticals damage affects Sanity instead of causing rolls on Death and Dismember table.


This damage type never causes red wounds, but causes critical damage as usual.


Scariest damage of all, bypass DR; do red damage and Criticals as usual. (Should probably be nerfed with each die doing damage by itself and not added together).

Damage Types

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