Weapons of the War of the Roses

The list of weapons available has been culled to only include those who where in use in the time of War of the Roses. As this makes the weapon side of combat a little less exciting, I have decided to allow for variant attacks doing other types of damage or apply special effects to the result of an Attack roll. If you don’t like to fiddle with details in combat, just choose a weapon without options.

Another thing that popped up in my “research” is how fragile most weapons where, atleats compared to the standard fantasy trope of weapons. So if not classified as Robust, all weapons becomes “dysfunctional” if a 1 is rolled in an Attack roll. That means the weapon is taken out of commission for one reason or another. It now counts as Improvised; -4 to Hit, no proficiency and -2 to dmg.

Further more I find the Simple/Martial grouping of weapons proficiencies inane, simplified beyond any reason. So I will use Weapon Grouping in a similar way to the old Unearthed Arcana. However tweaked, pf course, for a bit of realism and functionality.

A list of the Weapon Groups.
About Damage Types

Here is a list, I mean to have one wiki page per weapon, but this list have to do for now.

Name Weapon Groups Dmg Prim Dmg Sec Notes
Tuck (estoc) 1 H Stabbing D6 (punct.,AP) D8 (blunt)
War Sword 1H Edged d8 (cut) d4 (punct.) Versatile
Great Sword D10 (cut) d6 (punct.)
Claymore Great Sword D10 (cut, Impact d6(punct.) Heavy, 2H
Hunting Sword 1H Edged D6 (cut) D4 (punct.) Finesse
Arming Sword 1H Edged D8 (cut) D4 (punct.)
Falchion 1H Edge D8 (cut)
Warhammer Axe/Mace D6 (punct.,AP) d10 (blunt, Impact) Versatile
Greatclub d8 (punct., AP) d12 (blunt, Impact)
Mace Axe/Mace D8 (blunt)
Flanged Mace Axe/Mace D8 (cut)
Maul Greatclub D8 (Blunt, Impact) 2-H, Slow
Short Morningstar Basic d6 (Blunt)+D4 (punct.)
Long Morningstar Greatclub d8 (Blunt)+D4 (punct.) 2-H
Battleaxe Axe/Mace D10
Poleaxe Polearms D8 (cut) Reach
Halberd Polearms D8 (cut) D6 (punct.) Reach, Hook
Hunting Bow Basic D6 (Punct.) Bonus Action to Reload
Longbow Archery D8 (Punct.) Bonus Action to Reload
Light Crossbow Basic d6 (punct., AP) Bonus Action to Reload (Pull string)
Crossbow Basic D8 (Punct.,AP) A Move Action to reload (step n’ pull)
Heavy Crossbow Basic d10 (Punct.,AP) An Actions to reload (wind up)
Shortspear (Eire) 1 H Stabbing D6 (Punct.) d4 (blunt) Finesse
Longspear (Scot) Polearm d8 (Punct) d6(blunt) Reach, 2-H
Quarterstaff Polearm d8 (blunt) 2-H
Club Basic d6 (blunt)
Buckler Swashbuckling d6 (blunt)
Dagger Basic D3 (punct.) d4(cut) Finesse
Billhook Polearms D8 (cut) d6(blunt) 2-H, Reach, Hook
Handgonne Blackpowder D6xD6 (blunt, Impact) Devastating, Slow reload, Slow Ignition, Difficult to Aim, Short Ranged Damage, Frightening

Hook: With a Strength contest you may move an oponent one square instead of causing damage, and even impose the condition Prone (ie tripping someone).
Reach: May attack into the next square beyond the adjecent ones.
Slow: -4 to Hit anyone with a better Initative rank.
Impact: On a successful hit the target must make a Strength Save vs DC 10+damage rolled or be Prone.
Devastating: Damage is calculated by multiplying the dice instead of adding them.
Slow reload: Five full round needed to reload.
Slow Ignition: Always fire last in round action to fire is declared at normal place in initiative.
Difficult to Aim, Impossible to Dodge: DC to hit is independent of AC of target, instead to hit DC is 5+ 1 for each 3rd yard +10 if target is moving +5 for small target, -5 for large target.
Short Ranged Damage: Every other yard removes 1 point from damage.
Frightening: Everyone lacking proficiency in Blackpowder has to make a Wisdom save vs. 15 or be frightened until the end of next round.


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