About Scots and Scottland

As seen by Anglishmen, Scots are mad, violent and chaos worshipping barbarians, whether or not this is actually true. Scot encounters are rarely the result of a wish for mutual understanding, and as Scots are usually grow up hard and fast, constantly fighting for protection or to make names for themselves, “misunderstandings” are aplenty. Scots as a whole resent this treatment, and rather than play the part of the victim, they tend to lash out, unknowingly confirming the biases of those around them. A few feared, distrusted, and spat-upon Scots manage to surprise their detractors with great deeds and unexpected wisdom though sometimes its easier just to crack a few skulls. Some spend their entire lives proving to everyone that they are just as fierce. Others opt for trying to blend into orderly (lowlander clans) society, constantly demonstrating that they aren’t monsters. Their need to always prove themselves worthy encourages Scots to strive for power and greatness within the society around them.

Physical Description

Scots average around 6 feet tall, with powerful builds and pale-reddish complexity that easily burns in the sun. Their hair is copper-red, coarse and is plentiful in both male and females. Especially among the highland clans the lower canine teeth often grow long enough to protrude from their mouths, and these tusks set in wide jaws combined with heavy brows and slightly pointed ears, give them their notoriously bestial appearance. While Scots may be impressive, few ever describe them as beautiful.

Despite these obvious common traits, Scots visages are as varied as their Anglish brethren.


The Scottish society has sometimes been referred to as a fiction of deranged minds. The central structure is the clan. This entity is made up of related families charing a name and a history, in reality it also includes complex marriage bonds, adoptions, blood oaths and ancient rituals. The most important distinction is the one between highland and lowland clans, the former are more monolithic in their culture and highly disdainful of the latter who has been influenced by foreign cultures and loosen up the strict clan system. A highland clan member follows one the Path of the Clan (i.e. barbarian class), everyone else is one of thrall, foreigner


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