As I have fiddled with the Hit points, the Armour falls into the domino category, with need to be adjusted. I'll use a 'Armour as DR'. approach but with some of my personal adjustments (of course). I don't claim that the following armours are true and realistic representation of the real world's, but I have done some google research on the topic.

This covers the types of armour that was used during the War of Roses, chainmail was really going out of fashion, so to say. I added in some special rules to highlight some of the reasons for that.

And just a little note, with this wound system you really, really don’t want to go into a fight with weapons without armour, a lot of armour! I do want to highlight why full plate armour was so popular!

Armour Name Armour Class Damage Reduction Notes
Unarmored 10+ DexMod DR 0
Light Hacketon (gambeson) 10+ DexMod DR 1
Leather tunic 11+ DexMod DR 2
Breastplate+ Hacketon 12+ DexMod (max 3) DR 3 Breastplates may be bent
Medium Chainmail Hauberk 13+ DexMod (max 3) DR 4 Half DR vs. Blunt, D6 DR vs. Puncture
Jack of Plates 13+ DexMod (max 2) DR 3 Sewn plates
Brigandine 13+ DexMod (max 2) DR 4 Riveted plates
Heavy Chainmail+ Breastplate 13+ DexMod (Max 1) DR 6 Breastplates may be bent
Half Plate 12+DexMod (Max 1) DR 7 Breastplates may be bent, Helmets may be crushed
Full Plate 14 DR 8 Breastplates may be bent, Helmets may be crushed, Greaves may be dented
Shield +4 0 Shields shall be splintered
Buckler +2+DexMod 0 Also a Weapon
Armet, Sallet helmt +1 0 Helmets may be crushed
Closed Greaves +1 (No DexMod allowed) 0 Greaves may be dented


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