Anno 1453

It is a time of dire omens and lost … lost everything. The last few years the Gauls have taken back all what the Albion king had gained the last century. Through cannons and dark magick only one city remains free of the Frogmens darkness, Calais.
The king, Henry IV, is devote … or some say, quite daft, he is also a direct descendant from one of the mad Gaulish kings. Is he also tainted by the Frogmens dark magick? To what power do he really pray so intense?

Was it really a good idea of the Kings grandfather to usurp the Kingship, was it really to strengthen Law and Order? If not, shouldn’t we listen to the Yorkish fellows? And isn’t the Queen french by the way …
The Fey have starting to show themselves, is the Kings compact with the Sol Invictus crumbling? Will the Fey again be allowed to prey on the innocent?
Corrupt priests, heretics and chaos worshippers are abundant, will Albion fall to the chaotic darkness as Gaul have?
And the Scots are restless … again …

This campaign will be set in a world inspired by Urbanskis RPGDark Albion”, but with my own interpretative twists and turns. (Warning the author is a total… shithead not polite person with strong opinions, stay away from anything he writes on the net).

As Richard III was the second of Shakespears plays I read (Macbeth the first), so War of the Roses is a bit of a favourite time for a setting. It is also a historically interesting period as the Renaissance is gearing up and a pretty static society is in for a change.

Some sources of inspiration is:

  • The “Traitor son-”cycle by M. Cameron. This is very close to how I want the feel of the campaign be, the books are a bit higher in power than I aim for perhaps.
  • Warhammer Fantasy RolePlayingGame 2e is a strong influence. I’m not sure why I didn’t choose that system as it is an old favourite, but the 5e D&D is a very sleek system and easy to tweak …

Of Frogs and Roses

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